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Creative Minds Foundation (CMF) is a catalyst for empowering the youth: Nurturing dreams and unlocking potential through mentorship.

Who We Are.

Creative Minds Foundation is an non profit organization that seeks to create sustainable opportunities for young people across Africa, especially those from marginalized communities. We are a catalyst for empowering the youth by nurturing their dreams and unlocking their potential through mentorship. We take pride in our values for inclusivity, diversity and equality.

Capacity Building Programs

Objective of the capacity building program is to empower women and men across Eswatini, catalysing economic growth, driving poverty eradication and ensuring job creation.


Entri-forum seeks to address social issues affecting youth while empowering and developing their entrepreneurial skills. It seeks to house conversations, discussions, debates and dialogues to foster knowledge sharing, exchange ideas while impacting real tangible entrepreneurial skills.

Gender Based Violence

Gender Based Violence is very prevalent in the country, it said to be as equivalent to an epidemic, having majority of the population as youth this is very alarming and calls for us to converge and have conversations to come up with solutions for these social crises.

Our Values

Creative Minds Foundation is a Nonprofit organization that seeks to create sustainable opportunities for young people across Africa, that come from marginalized communities. Through mentorship and providing career exploration , with emphasis on Science, Math, Engineering, Technology and Health (SMETH) careers.


Embracing the belief that all young people have value and the right to belong.


Our focus is to empower young people by respecting and appreciating what makes them different, in terms of age, gender, religion, race, disability, and education.


Gender equality remains unfinished business in every country of the world. Women and girls have less access to education and healthcare, too often lack economic autonomy and are under-represented in decision-making at all levels.

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Currently based in 2 countries, Eswatini and Zimbabwe, with a 5 year plan to expand to Zambia and Rwanda.


Mpumalanga Crescent Road, Ezulwini



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Established in 2020

Creative Minds Foundation, was founded in 2020, by Justin Gara, with a vision to improve communities through creating equal opportunities for Economic empowerment and employment for Young people in Eswatini and across Africa.

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UN- Sustainable Development Goals

Challenges & Issues facing the Youth in Eswatini ​

Youth Unemployment​

A total of 47.4 percent (28,735) of young people aged 18–35 years in the Kingdom of Eswatini are not employed Being unemployed for a long period of time in youth has been correlated to decreased happiness, job satisfaction and other mental health issues. Unemployed youth also report more isolation from their community. Youth who are neither working nor studying do not have the opportunity to learn and improve their skills. They are progressively marginalised from the labour market and in turn can develop an anti-social behaviour.

Teenage Pregrancy

Currently, the adolescent birth rate in the country is at 87 per 1000 adolescents and teenage pregnancy is one of the main factors contributing to school dropout rates. Teenage pregnancy and school attendance do not go well together in that the latter has a detrimental effect on their education and their future plans in school. This is because the teenage mothers attend school irregularly and sometimes drop out of school due to the parenting role which they are now into.

Poor access to Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) information and services

Young people in the country continue to experience very high levels of violence, in particular girls. The national estimate is that one in three women has experienced some form of sexual violence by the time they are 18 years A lack of access to sexual and reproductive health and rights prevents individuals from realizing their basic rights and undermines individual control over decisions concerning health and education, and participation in social and economic life.

President & Founder

Justin Gara

Justin Gara (born 15 April 1993) is an Eswatini-based Zimbabwean entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder and President of Creative Minds Foundation . Gara is also the Founder and CEO of Just-Fitness Pty Ltd, a Health & Wellness Company that aims to advance healthy living in order to sustain a better tomorrow.

Our Growth Strategy:

Our plan is to empower young people in Africa through capacity development, mentoring and networking one country at a time.