The Entri Forum is an innovative youth empowerment program initiated by the Creative Minds Foundation, a non-governmental organization committed to creating positive change in our community. Recognizing the unique challenges and untapped potential of our youth, the Entri Forum seeks to address social issues affecting youth while empowering and developing their entrepreneurial skills.

Our Aim

It seeks to house workshops, conversations, discussions, debates and dialogues to foster knowledge sharing, exchange ideas while impacting real tangible entrepreneurial skills. Furthermore, we desire to help the youth in addressing issues such as unemployment, gender inequality, limited access to education, lack of entrepreneurial support, limited vocational training opportunities by means of a comprehensive approach involving education reform, targeted employment initiatives, gender equality promotion, and the creation of a supportive environment for entrepreneurship and civic engagement.


The Entri Forum program is structured in three phases:

Personal Development (Life Skills Program)

During the first two months, participants undergo a life skills orientation, covering personal development planning, mental health awareness, and practical skills development.

Business Management Training

The subsequent twelve-week phase provides holistic training and coaching in business management, equipping participants with the skills and knowledge required to start and run successful businesses.

Mentorship and Implementation

The final phase involves ongoing mentorship and support through five cohorts, guiding young entrepreneurs and professionals in their ventures. High-performing participants receive seed capital for their businesses and job placement assistance where needed.

Skills Development

The Entri Forum provides comprehensive skills training workshops, covering areas such as leadership, entrepreneurship, digital literacy, and conflict resolution. By enhancing the practical and soft skills of the participants, we empower them to navigate the complexities of the modern world and unlock their full potential.


Community Engagement

The Entri Forum will fosters a meaningful community engagement, encouraging participants to identify and address pressing issues affecting their peers. By organizing collaborative projects, advocacy campaigns, and volunteer initiatives, we cultivate a sense of civic responsibility and empower the youth to drive positive change within their communities.

Recognizing the importance of overall well-being, the Entri-Forum incorporates mental health support, career counselling, and access to social services. This comprehensive approach ensure that the participants receive the necessary support to thrive academically, professionally, and personally.